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Partnership with Innoterra

We are pleased to partner with the innovative and forward-thinking company Innoterra, formerly Pioneering Ventures. Together we are committed to a sustainable future and want to make our markets accessible to the wide population.

When common values unite

Racing Unleashed, the Swiss e-sports and simulator racing company, is pleased to partner with Innoterra, the food and technology platform company with an operational footprint in 14 countires. As different as the business areas of the two partners may be, the pioneering spirit and values of the two companies, whose activities on both sides are characterised by sustainability, are very similar. Moreover, Innoterra is already established in a market that is being followed with interest by Racing Unleashed: India.

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Dr. Pablo Erat, Co-Founder, Deputy CEO and Board Member, Innoterra

As a food and tech platform company, we are on a mission to transform the food ecosystem globally, with the help of technology and data intelligence converging into an integrated platform. Our goal is to feed the world with safe, nutritious and traceable food products, produced in a sustainable way. With Racing Unleashed, we share this drive for sustainability and technology-driven systems change and can mutually benefit from each other's know-how.

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Monisha Kaltenborn, CEO Racing Unleashed

Innoterra not only shares our standards for quality, but also our goal to make our products accessible to the broad public. In the same vein, in times of 'digital first' and 'big data', the evaluation and exchange of developmental and market data are beneficial to both sides. Additionally, we are united in our openness for innovation as well as our diligent and sustainable interaction with both manpower and resources.

Media contacts

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Sharvari Abhyankar, Head of Public Relations

M: +91 99675 92928

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Racing Unleashed

Robert Höpoltseder, Head of Public Affaires

M: +41 79 239 20 41

About Innoterra

Innoterra is a Swiss-Indian food and technology platform company operating in 14 countries. The company’s mission is to transform the food ecosystem at scale to ensure a sustainable supply of healthy food to the world.

Innoterra’s food business works closely with farmer communities in multiple sourcing regions. The company’s completely integrated supply chains ensure the highest levels of process efficiency and consistent high quality of its branded food products. Innoterra’s core products are fully traceable for its customers and consumers.

To create economic and social impact at scale, Innoterra has implemented a data-driven platform that combines digital and real-world measures. The platform creates value through data intelligence and network effects. It offers services empowering small and mid-scale farmers and other platform partners through improved access to information, insights, infrastructure, people, markets, and capital.

Key Facts and Figures:

- Daily production of 450 tons of healthy food that reaches over 1.5 million consumers

- 15,000+ farmer families engaged; 70,000 people positively impacted

- 120+ proprietary collection and distribution centres across India, the Middle East and the Philippines

- Digital platform services used by an additional 50,000 farmers and 500 collection centers

- Geographic footprint in 14 countries

- Operational team of 500+ full-time employees; tech and data team of 50+ people

To find out more, visit Innoterra’s website at or our LinkedIn profile.