Challenge Finale 19


Excitement, drama, the fight for every place: The 7th and last Racing Unleashed Challenge race day of this year could not have been more exciting and worth seeing at the "Circuit de Catalunya" in Barcelona.

Our motto "Racing Unleashed" was once again fulfilled by all drivers: From the first to the last lap, the event was unleashed and captivating! No trace of contemplation on this second Sunday in Advent at the Racing Lounge in Cham! "We still have enough time for that during the Christmas holidays", team manager Stefan Varga was visibly enthusiastic about the race day.

He had every reason to: For the third time in a row, his Czech driver Michal Smidl secured the victory and the 5000 swiss franc prize. The "leader" of the Varga Sim Racing Team was also unbeatable this time. But Smidl also revealed where his sovereignty came from in the Barcelona race: "Last week we intensified our training in the Racing Lounge in Cham. The whole team".

Dustin Wüest has completed even more intensive training on the Barcelona circuit. "Last week I practiced for about ten hours - and it paid off," said the hard-working Racing Unleashed driver, who was happy about his second place and his first podium finish! When asked how many weeks he drives this training workload? He smiled and said "everyone"! His first place in the final didn't come by chance.

At his final premiere, Dustin Wüest was "only 100 percent nervous, not 200 percent". Because he relied on Michel Angelo to leave Czech Tomas Dolezel behind him in the race of the top four. Dolezel "feared" Wüest more than Angelo. "Michelangelo", his stage name is obvious, held his own in front of Dolezel after a fierce fight - and so the Bavarian, as third behind Smidl and Wüest, also managed his first place on the Racing Unleashed podium!

Michel Angelo was not able to train as intensively as Dustin Wüest in the Racing Lounge in Cham. The 19-year-old comes from the Munich area - and travels around 300 km per trip to Cham. On race day he started at 5.00 am. He can make up for his lack of training in the lounge with his racing guide: Overall leader Felix Hirsiger is always at "Michelangelo"'s side with help and advice. The Bavarian drives for Team Rennsport from Team Principal Manuel Sudau.

Felix Hirsiger retired in the semi-final - and finished 7th. Hirsiger won the overall standings with 111:93 points ahead of Smidl. Third place goes to Christoph Holstein, who did not reach the semi-finals on the last day of the 2019 race - and finished 9th.

The next date, which you should make a note of, is Sunday, January 19, 2020: On this day the big final for the Swiss Championship will take place in the Racing Lounge in Cham!

Qualified for this "Masters" are all with points in the overall standings - the remaining starting places will be allocated according to the number of participants and a draw.