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Partnership with Malbuner

We are pleased to announce our next partnership with the traditional brand Malbuner of the Ospelt Group from Liechtenstein. Malbuner has been committed to its tradition and quality for more than 50 years and uses exclusively Swiss meat in its products.

"Mal besser, Malbuner"

Combined with our high-quality “F1-Style” racing simulators, the new partner brings a lot of grip to the track. The snacks of the traditional brand are also pure protein in the realistic simulator cockpit and pure fuel for the body – for top performances and “full speed” on the virtual race tracks of Racing Unleashed.

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Alexander Ospelt, Chairman & CEO Ospelt Group

This commitment unites two companies with a similar philosophy: No compromises in experience, innovative and competitive, goal-oriented with short reaction times. This lays the foundation for an efficient cooperation.

Monisha Kaltenborn

Monisha Kaltenborn, CEO Racing Unleashed

We are associated with the traditional Malbuner brand not only through our standards of quality but also „digital first“, and the objective of inspiring customers with our products. Both brands stand for a variety in life. Moreover, we are united by our openness to new developments, the careful interaction with people and sustainable use of resources.

About Malbuner

Malbuner is a traditional brand of the Ospelt Group from Liechtenstein. With a name of recognition of 93%, the Malbuner brand enjoys great popularity. Customer satisfaction and realiability are therefore the top priorities. We are aware of the great responsibility towards our customers and give our best every single day. Over 50 years of experience have shaped us. We feel obligated to our customers to create only Malbuner specialties of which we are convinced. Quality and tradition are our companions, paired with new innovative ideas, which skilfully combine the old with the new. Satisfied customers are our main focus. Malbuner relies on the Swiss origin of its raw materials. Accurate product traceability offers customers the guarantee of natural animal husbandry and gentle processing of all ingredients. in the mountains of Malbun we patiently give the products all the time they need to mature naturally and calmly. In order to meet the high expectations, it is a matter of course for Malbuner to constantly keep moving. That is why we invest not only in traditional products, but also in innovative and trendy ones. Further information: