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"Be mobile with style" - also with racing simulators from Racing Unleashed

The ACS enables its members to have unique mobility experiences and is equally committed to racing drivers and motorsport events.

This happens on the street as well as the race track. What is the general position of the ACS on unique experiences in the virtual world of cars and e-sports.

The Zurich ACS section of the Swiss Automobile Club has been at the forefront since the beginning of racing, had launched many races and had a long tradition of racing. In the past, all racing drivers, including Formula 1 racing drivers, had to be members of the ACS, because until 2004 it was the only club to issue racing licenses. The ACS also launched the Klausen Race. Many celebrities took part in this. One of them was Rudolf Caracciola with his silver arrow. In 1934 he won the Klausen race at 83.9 km / h, which was a new course record. The ACS still has a certificate with the original signature of his registration at the ACS section Zurich.

But racing is also changing and has found a new variant in e-sports that can inspire new and young audiences for racing. It is possible virtually and without longer travel times or travel journeys and consequently of course much more environmentally friendly. We also find that the fun character of e-sports should not be underestimated and that it attracts more and more people. The days when only nerds dealt with computer games are definitely over.

Ruth Enzler

Interview with Ruth Enzler, President of ACS Switzerland, Z├╝rich

Are there special options where the ACS already uses virtual tools - and are more and more such tools being used?

For driving safety courses, there are simple simulators that provide information about the reaction speed and driving behavior. Many driving safety courses are carried out in your own car so that the individual units such as braking and avoiding on dry or wet roads can be experienced as close to reality as possible for the customer. This is certainly of great benefit. I am convinced that the virtual tools will increase massively because they depict reality better and better and together with simulators are very close to reality.

The ACS is committed to road safety - also through interactive and innovative platforms. How much do digital traffic safety training courses, such as driving course simulations, for young and old, play a role on virtual streets and routes.

ACS has a long tradition of driving courses. The JUFALA youth paddock for young people from 17 cars with ten driving lessons, theory and much more has been carried out by the Zurich ACS section for well over 30 years. Driving courses for older people who have been driving for a long time and want to refresh both practice and theory have the opportunity to do so each year with their own car. We are doing this course together with the Zurich City Police. The virtual possibilities in this area will also increase.

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ACS Events

"Experience automobile passion live" or "Free driving for everyone on the greatest racetracks in Europe" - that is what ACS events stand for, but also virtual competitions. For example those like Racing Unleashed, where you drive in real formula cockpits with F1 handlebars on virtual favorite routes. Could you imagine an ACS Member Challenge with racing simulators that combine the real world of racing with the virtual in a racing lounge?

Anyone who wants to get around the race slopes by car under expert guidance can also do so in the Swiss Automobile Club. The ACS conducts its own sports driver courses with its own car: Interlaken sports driver course, driver training on the Circuit Dijon -Prenois and training course at the Hockenheim ... Especially in the racing area, I think racing simulators will take on an increasingly important role because driving behavior can be practiced very well and Compared to reality, the simulators can be trained inexpensively for emergencies.

The ACS has many motorsport fans among its members and makes the hearts of car fans beat faster with its formula car races or courses on the tracks. As additional support, training and racing opportunities in simulators with corresponding software would be available for all of these fans. And above all: this racing is risk-free and sustainable. An ideal addition to the ACS Challenge - perhaps also for "not yet members"?

The racing simulators will become more important for racing athletes as well as for driving safety courses, especially nowadays, when more environmentally friendly variants are weighted more and more and have to be found. It is certainly also possible to get new members. I'm not sure yet whether it will be mainly due to racing simulations or whether the fun area will play an important role. I think e-sports will find its way more and more and inspire more and more people.