The fifth race of the Swiss Challenge of Formula-V on the Imola Circuit not only produced an outstanding winner in terms of his stature: The Czech Michal Smidl, who is a good 1.90 metres tall, celebrated a commanding start-finish victory. The winners were also the second-placed Felix Hirsiger, who had also grown considerably, and who extended his lead in the overall standings of the championship - and the third, Christoph Holstein, who kept his chances of winning the Swiss championship as the runner-up in the overall standings.

In addition to Smidl, Hirsiger and Holstein, who were each able to look forward to prize money of 5,000, 3,000 and 1,000 francs, the Czech Vojtech Polesny, in fourth place, was also part of the quartet that shaped this race day in the Formula V Racing Lounge in Cham and the entire qualification month. Smidl. Hirsiger, Polesny, Holstein - that's how they started the race on the Imola Circuit. In the end, only Holstein was able to make up a position when he sat down in front of Polesny right after the start - and was able to hold this position until the finish.

Like Polesny, his E-Racer compatriot Smidl also drives for the Varga Sim Racing Team. "Magic Michal" thus clinched his first victory in his second Formula V race. "Even though the race might have given the impression that it wasn't too difficult laps for me," said the sweaty winner, "things looked quite different in the cockpit. I was challenged and had to work very hard for this victory. That's why I'm all the happier and happy." For his team-mate Polesny (4th) it was the first Formula V race. "I'd love to come back again, but then I want to be on the podium," is the debutant's declaration of war.

Overall leader Felix Hirsiger, who drives for Team Allfina Racing from Erlenbach, is now 95:78 points ahead of his rival Christoph Holstein in the overall standings. Hirsiger is thus getting ever closer to his ambitious goal: the Swiss Formula V Championship title. "Thanks to the new lounge in Zurich, I will train even more often now," Hirsiger remains focused on the title.

His pursuer Holstein almost retired in the semi-finals on this race day. With a lot of effort and skill he improved from lap to lap - and just qualified for the final: In third place, he managed to pass Kevin Hablützel in the penultimate turn of the last lap - and to qualify for the final as runner-up. In the end, Holstein and Hablützel were separated by less than four tenths of a second. It's worth mentioning: Hablützel, who finished sixth, had played fairly in this last second overtaking manoeuvre. That's also part of the racing!

Also extraordinary was the performance of Oliver Holdener, who was able to work his way up to 8th place in the semi-final with starting number 17. All in all, this Formula-V race day once again showed a high level of performance. Our goal, however, is to bring the fairness of all Formula V drivers to this level. We are working on it.

Until the next race!