Close Hand on Steringwheel


After Shannon Lugassy (13) from Geneva, he is the youngest driver in the Formula V field. Without his mother he could not travel to the races. But he says: "I want to be at the top". Kevin Aebi (14) is the fastest teenager far and wide.



Actually, Kevin Aebi is still much too young to drive a car himself - he will complete the stage in four years. He attends secondary school in Gossau, a thirty minutes’ drive from Zurich. In his spare time he is an enthusiastic gymnast. But a visit to "Fantasy Basel", the festival for film, cosplay, comics and gaming that appeals above all to the "multimedia generation", changes his priorities in May in one fell swoop.

There Aebi sits for the first time in an Evotek simulator of Formula V. He is immediately impressed: "The driving experience is deceptively real. You think you're on a real track." Although Kevin doesn't yet have any real comparative values due to his age, he already has some experience in simulator racing. At home he plays on a "Playseat", a simulator chair with racing seat, steering wheel and accelerator and brake pedal: "This is an important basis for gaining a foothold in Formula V".

Said, done. The racing teenager qualifies for the premiere race on the virtual circuit of Monza - and reaches the remarkable 32nd place. In the third race he even advances to 24th place. These are respectable values for such a young driver. But Aebi wants more - much more: "I'm still far from where I want to be. I want to ride along for victory."

No chance without mother

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, he must rely above all on the support of Mother Carmen. She not only pays her offspring the annual subscription, but also regularly drives Kevin from the Zurich Oberland to the Racing Lounge in Cham. As a single parent with two children, she has to budget every Swiss franc and every minute, which makes this effort even more special. Her son also appreciates this: "I wouldn't have a chance without my mother. Because to get to the top, I have to train more than the others."

This is another reason why Kevin expects a lot from the opening of the Racing Lounge near Zurich’s Tiefenbrunnen railway station at the end of August: "Then the journey will be much shorter. Two to three training sessions a week then will be included."

Kevin Aebi is the prototype of the simulator racer of the future. He's one of the few participants who've never driven a real car before. And yet he immediately qualified for the Formula V Championship. In other words: Aebi has e-sport in his blood.

However, his role model comes from the real racing world: "Sebastian Vettel", as he says without hesitation. Whether Kevin will ever make it into a real Ferrari remains to be seen. In order to at least get to the top of Formula V, however, he has redefined his sporting preferences: "I'll stop with gymnastics". This is bad news for his gymnastic club in Gossau - and even worse news for his competitors in Formula V.