Challenge Finale 42


2020 is about to begin with the climax for our racers and our lounge team: The final race with the highest prize money and lucrative surprise prizes in the Racing Lounge in Cham - on Sunday, January 19 (which follows the exact schedule). This extraordinary race day, where not only the winner, the second, the third and the fourth get a prize, you can't miss!

The countdown for our big "Masters" final of the Formula V/Racing Unleashed is unstoppable: Only 1 week is left until this exceptionally lucrative and certainly exciting race day on the Zandvoort circuit in our Racing Lounge in Cham. Amongst others, a film crew will be there to ensure that the live content of this final will be streamed on more channels than ever before - so we can attract interest and attention with more clips, posts, and footage in even more places.

It has been known for some time that the prize money for winning the final is 30,000 Swiss francs. What's new is that the second and third-place finishers will also be rewarded with a very special driving experience with a professional! the fourth place finishers will have the entire Racing Lounge with eight people of their choice at their disposal for two hours! (after advance reservation)

A truly unforgettable surprise prize (don't forget your passport!) awaits the drivers placed fifth to tenth - the first four will also be able to enjoy this surprise! (Details will follow after the final weekend) From 11th to 15th place, the drivers will each receive an instructor/coaching lesson with racing driver routinists who also have enormous expertise in racing simulators as well as tips and tricks!

The team of the Racing Unleashed is looking forward to an interesting, attractive, exciting and above all fair race weekend on 18-19.1.2020.