Michal Smidl Winner Racer League


Michal Smidl once again achieved a commanding start-finish victory in the 6th and penultimate race of the Formula V Challenge 2019. In the Racing Lounge in Cham/ZG, he and his Czech compatriot and team mate Vojtech "Vojta" Polesny achieved the first double victory for the Varga Sim Racing Team and for the Czech Republic. In the final, David L'Addomada from Stäfa took third place and his first podium place ahead of Thomas Schmid.

Michal Smidl thus secured his second Formula V race triumph - and that at his third appearance in the Racing Lounge with the high-quality racing simulators "made in Maranello". At his premiere in the Formula V Challenge at the end of August, he had "only" finished second. What strikes him is that he competed in all races with starting number 1, so he was always the fastest in the qualifications! Smidl's race performance was also convincing once more with consistently fast lap times, mistakes hardly happened to him. His simulator driving almost looked as if he was programmed for victory. "They also call me Mister Robot," he said smilingly to our VIP guest Andrea Montermini when he asked him about it at the award ceremony interview. Former Formula 1 driver Montermini, who is also the director of the Formula V Academy, had also closely examined Smidl's "ideal line" in the race. All in all, the Formula V instructor was pleased with the performance level of the Formula V drivers.

Only two drivers from the top ten of the qualification made it to the final at the Red Bull Ring: apart from Smidl, only David L'Addomada with start number 10 was third, "Vojta" Polesny with number 12 and Thomas Schmid with number 15 entered the qualifying races. This time starting number 3, Felix Hirsiger, could not reach the final. He was eliminated in the semi-final against Smidl and Polesny. In the overall standings, he was the 5th in the race, but still extended his lead over Christoph Holstein. With starting number 2, Holstein could also not qualify for the final, the semi-final was the final stop - he finished 8th.

Andrea Montermini was especially impressed by the performances of Roger Marte (6th) and Simon Danner (7th). Both drivers thanked him, after winning the quarter finals, again for their instructor hour, which they had recently booked with him in the Racing Lounge in Cham. "This was very instructive and absolutely great. Thank you so much, Andrea," they both emphasized once again.

The 7th and final race of the 2019 Formula V Challenge will take place on Sunday, 8 December 2019 in the Racing Lounge in Cham/ZG. The race will take place at the "Circuit de Catalunya" in Barcelona.