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Challenge of the 23rd of August

Get excited for the upcoming challenge on 23rd of August at the Circuit of Silverstone in England. Get an overview about what will happen during the day with the official timetable. If you want to watch the stream go on and read where you can watch it.

RU Challenge Race 7 2020 Monza T.Schmid in action, Racer League

And we go green again!

We are back again with our 5th round of the Racing Unleashed Competition 2020! This time we are racing on the virtual circuit of Silverstone in the United Kingdom. For the last challenge we added Zurich as a location, making this a multi-lounge event! For this race we expand even more with our newest and biggest lounge so far, located in Kemptthal near Zurich. With a total of 16 simulators now, spectators will be able to experience more race action as the starting field will be bigger. Multi lounge action makes this event unique and we are very much looking forward to it. 30 racers in the Challenger League and 15 in the Racer League will provide great battles and hard wheel to wheel action! So, make sure to join in whenever you want through our live stream. The schedule is linked below to help you guide through the day.


Live action all day long!

We are always trying to improve. For the last Challenge we had two commentators. With our third location, we also added a third commentator. Like that we can assure you to experience the atmosphere of every location in the best possible way. Manuel Wendel was the host of last races stream and will be back once again. Last race, he worked together with Nico Rindlisbacher, race car driver and employee of Racing Unleashed. Nico is going to support Manuel also for this sundays race and he is quite looking forward to that:

"It was a lot of fun to work with Manuel. With the improvements made on our streaming setup for this race, I am sure that it will be even more fun!"

- Nico Rindlisbacher

Picture Steeringwheel Evotek reworked

Any changes compared to the past race?

Our racers from the Challenger League still have to be the fastest within the individual Racing Lounge to get a spot in the race. On the other hand the Racer League with 15 participants is not split into two groups anymore, meaning that everyone there will have a spot in the final race. Another change that has been announced concerns track limits. At the Red Bull Ring, our Racers were able to use more of the track than usually allowed because it was not being punished by Assetto Corsa. This time our stewards will check the track limits like in Motorsport. At least one Tyre has to stay within the white line otherwise the lap time will be cancelled. Still not sure about the differences between our two leagues? Follow the link to read more.

Picture Corona free

Only a mask will do it!

Unfortunately Corona is still a big issue. That is why we are going to follow the governments instructions for this race. If you want to join us make sure to bring a mask. For the indoor area it will be mandatory to wear it. Also we ask you to bring along an identity card. We apologize for any inconveniences but health comes always first. Nevertheless we are looking forward to welcoming you!

Still not hyped?

We are excited and hopefully so are you. If not then get warmed up with all the highlights from the last Challenge at the Red Bull Ring.