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Our carbon fibre simulators, produced in Maranello, Italy, are the product of over 20 years of experience in the world of Formula 1. Manufactured using bleeding-edge technologies, they combine the luxurious excellence of sports cars with the flexibility of the digital world, guaranteeing a thrilling and realistic F1 experience.

In order to tailor our experience to the abilities of both amateurs and professionals, our simulator allows easy switching between the different four difficulty levels.

Our sophisticated simulator components

Sim Grau 01

Steering system

The steering module is installed in the interior of the chassis and ensures immediate and accurate response times from the steering wheel. The hardware is able to precisely reproduce the varying loads on the wheel, in particular the power steering mechanism used by current F1 race cars. This steering system is considered one of the most advanced in the world and is used by most F1 teams in their own professional simulation systems.

Lenkrad 01

Steering wheel

The steering wheel used in our simulators imitates that of a modern F1 race car almost perfectly and is regarded as the single most advanced steering wheel in the racing simulation sector. The completely customisable wheel lets you control any and all features and settings using various programmable buttons and switches. Some features include measuring the electronic brake force distribution (EBD) and traction control system (TCS). Systems such as the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) and the drag reduction system (DRS) can be activated by simply pressing the corresponding button.

Challenge Finale 36


The pedals installed in our simulator react to even the most precise pressure changes accurately and can be adjusted to your driving style. The brake system is comprised of the brake pump and the brake caliper. Attached to the caliper is an element that serves as a modulator of the brake effect. Activating the brake pedal and the modulation extension corresponds to the brake system of real-life F1 cars.

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Seat and integrated ventilation system

The seat is made completely out of carbon fibre and affords the driver a realistic yet ergonomic sitting position. The seat offers comfortable driving for all drivers, while still being able to simulate the typical racing set-up in Formula 1.

Our one-of-a-kind ventilation system integrated in the seat lets you keep a cool head even during the most nerve-wracking manoeuvres on the track.

Challenge Finale 14

Active belt system

The active belt system, in combination with the OMP seatbelts, developed specially for Formula 1, lets you experience the active g-forces by transferring them to your body, making sure that braking and navigating corners is able to be realistically felt in the simulation. The tension on the safety belts is adjusted in real-time while driving and is able to exert up to 5g’s. The carefully selected materials used for the belts keep traction on your performance clothing or street wear to a minimum.

Challenge Finale 39

Screens and sound system

Three 46-inch flat screens offer you a panoramic view of the track, while the integrated sound system realistically imitates background sounds and motor noises around you. Dive into the world of racing and breathe the pressure, the focus, the emotions, all from the comfort of our exclusive lounges.