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There are no more excuses! The Fun League is the ideal possibility for you to test your skills against friends and others in a competitive yet fun environment.

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It is all about fun!

As the name already suggests we want you to enjoy pure racing without thinking too much about external influences. Especially if you are new to the world of sim-racing or motorsport in general, it can be very challenging to enter a Championship with a lot of drivers from several countries. If you don't feel ready for that yet or you simply want to have a good time, while still battling others, then the Fun League is the perfect fit for you. There is no season as in our other leagues but single events that you can enter for free. The organization happens through our individual Racing Lounges. Together with your ideas we can set the track and format of the race weekend and start racing. You want to add a little prize pool to it? No problem, together with us you can create the ideal event to focus on what we are all here for: PURE RACING!

Procedure and rules

Would you like to participate in the Fun League? Simply fill in the form below and choose the lounge where you would like to participate - as soon as a Fun League event is coming up, you will be contacted personally by our lounge team and you can decide whether you want to participate or not. It's easy and without obligation - try it out!

There are also rules in the Fun League that must be observed. For example, Fun League races must generally not be held on the same weekend as our Challenge. In addition, the circuit of a Fun League race must not be the same as that of the upcoming Challenge. Further rules can then be determined individually.

Simply sign up for the Fun League here

You will be contacted directly by our Lounge Team as soon as a Fun League event takes place.

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