RU Challenge Race 7 2020 Monza P2 Finish Racer League

Deals, deals and even more deals!

We could finally open the doors to our Racing Lounges again. We are celebrating this with numerous special offers during the first two weeks (until the 2nd of May) that we are open again. Take advantage of daily discounts and competitions at the Racing Lounges Cham, Zurich and Kemptthal!

Benefit and Win

Assetto Corsa Eau Rogue Flyby

Whoever wins, does not pay

We believe a winner should be celebrated, not asked to pay. Therefore the following applies to Group Rides;

- In Kemptthal, the winner of a Group Ride with at least 5 people will be offered the ride just ridden.

- In Cham and Zurich, the winner of a Group Ride with at least 3 people will be offered the ride just ridden.

Zandvoort Turn 11

Would you like a training package?

With a Grand Prix Package, you can prepare yourself ideally for our season opener of the Racing Unleashed Competition 2021 on 16 May. Get the best lap time on the Zandvoort circuit in Mode 2 between Monday, 19 April and Sunday, 2 May and secure your package! Of course, you will be invited to the first Challenge so that you can prove your skills right away.

M Onza

Best Lap daily victory

Of course, everyone else should not go away empty-handed either. Therefore, at the end of each day, the best lap time will also be determined in Mode 2 on the Monza track. The winner of the day will be contacted the next day and will receive a surprise prize!

Safety measures still up to date

As excited as we are about the reopening of our lounges, let's not forget that Corona still exists. Therefore, please take your mask with you, it may only be removed for driving, and always keep the minimum distance of 1.5m. Of course, there is plenty of disinfectant available in every lounge, so feel free to help yourself.

We look forward to welcoming you!